We are willing to provide our services all across the USA, Mexico, and Canada

Our services include:

Power System Modeling and Studies using GE PSLF and PowerWorld

Steady State Powerflow Analysis

Transient Stability Studies

Short Circuit Analysis

Base Case Preparation

SPS/RAS Studies

NERC TPL Studies

Post Transient Voltage (P-V, Q-V analysis)

Subsynchronous Resonance/Control Interaction Screen Studies

MOD-025-026-027 Generator Testing s Studies

MOD-032 Generator Data for Power System Modeling and Analysis

MOD-033 Dynamic and Steady State Model Validation Studies

Interconnection Support


System Impact Studies (for both utilities and developers)

Generator Model Verification

Feasibility Studies

Available Transfer Capability 

Preliminary Transmission Cost Estimates

Operations Studies

Blackstart Analysis

FAC-013 verification studies


We work for utilties, developers and regulators.