John Kyei, P.E.

Vice President


16 years


M.S., Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University, 2001

MBA, Arizona State University, 2009

Areas of Expertise

Transmission planning studies

Generator interconnection studies

Path rating studies

Economic analysis of transmission and resource integrations

Energy Development


General Electric power system load flow software (GEPSLF)

Power System Simulation for Engineers (PSS/E)

ABB Gridview Production cost simulation tool


P.E., Electrical: California


 Mr. Kyei has diverse experience as a transmission planning engineer throughout the southwestern U.S. and southern California. He has conducted numerous feasibility, path rating, NERC TPL compliance and system impact studies and is active with the regional transmission planning organizations across the SWAT planning areas. His experience includes being part of the technical evaluation team to review the feasibility of the proposed Trans-West Express between Wyoming and Arizona; as well as the lead engineer responsible for the preliminary rating analysis for the proposed Hassayampa to North Gila #2 500 kV line. Mr. Kyei recently worked for BP Wind Energy North America, Inc. (BP Wind), as Director, Transmission. His role at BP Wind included evaluating the impact of RTO/Utility approved transmission plans on BP Wind’s operating assets. He also led in performing transmission related due diligence on a number of solar/wind project acquisition and partnerships. Earlier in his career, Mr. Kyei was employed by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) where he was responsible for assisting the participation transmission owners with their annual grid assessment and planning.


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J. Kyei, G. Heydt, R. Ayyanar, R. Thallam, J. Blevins, “Power acceptability curves for rotating machines loads,” Proceedings of Northern America Power Symposium, October 2001, pp. 120-124.